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Industrial Inspection Applications

  • Live HD video from your climber directly to your inspector on the ground below or anywhere around the world

  • Two-way communication with your climber to help facilitate the inspection in real-time. Whether the inspector is on the ground locally or working remotely around the world in real-time.

  • Think of the saving by not travelling the inspector to the client site and possibly allowing them to look in on various sites per day.

  • Ability to add anyone to the conference at the click of a button.

  • Want someone else to have a look at a weld or an inspection point? Just add them and get real-time decisions on a point of inspection.

  • Local video and audio recording of all inspection and/or direct to server for live streaming and archiving

  • Cut your inspection times down allowing you to bid projects more competitively and provide your clients a full video archive of the inspection

  • Minimal training to have your team up and running

  • Want to have your end client join a specific point of the inspection from the comfort of their office or cottage. No problem, just provide them with the link.

  • Custom solutions for various projects and applications.

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